Market Research Interviewing

Telephone surveys are a form of quantitative market research used to determine and predict attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of a particular group based on specific sampling. The results from telephone surveys are traditionally designed to be representative of the population. In order to ensure that your results are representative, it is imperative to survey the right people and make sure that the sample size is sufficiently large.

We offer both the expertise and technical infrastructure to fulfill telephone research requirements of our clients. We ensure all of the information that is gathered is of the highest quality. We maintain a state of the art call center specializing in CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) research. Our call centre use proprietary software ensuring data is collected efficiently, on time and within budget.

We strive to recruit and train only the most appropriate individuals for our interviewing staff by utilizing demanding pre-employment screening criteria and focusing on hiring individuals who demonstrate genuine potential to become successful interviewers. All interviewers must complete an ongoing comprehensive training program. Our training session covers the requirements and skills necessary for professional data collection. The training includes extensive practice calling and individual coaching. Interviewers also receive daily pre-calling briefings to address issues specific to current projects, and focus in on project specifics, such as pronunciations. Our interviewers understand that telephone research is a valid scientific activity. They are trained and prepared to collect reliable, accurate data.